Improved Vision in

macular degeneration

Doorsnede van een E-scoop lens.



E-Scoop® is an advanced loupe lens which is especially developed to improve visual acuity for people with macular degeneration. E-Scoop® lenses are available in almost every prescription and can be fitted in almost every full rimmed frame.

E-Scoop® makes you more independent

Easy to use: you can wear E-Scoop® the whole day

The E-Scoop® lenses will be produced in your own prescription and fitted in a frame of your choice. You will get used to E-Scoop® immediately and you can wear them all day, both outdoors and indoors.

Improves Vision: you can recognize faces again

E-Scoop® lenses enhance central vision, allowing you to perceive more detail and enlarge your independency.

Recognizing curbs

With E-Scoop® lenses, more contours including sidewalks can be recognized, making your journey outside safer.

Restful viewing

E-Scoop® lenses give a restful image and viewing will be more relaxed. The sensitivity to light decreases by wearing E-Scoop®.



E-Scoop® lenses are built on 5 basic optical characteristics:


The extra magnification gives a larger, clearer image


The prismatic effect causes the light to reflect to a healthier part of the macula

Anti-reflective coating

The anti-reflective coating helps to reduce glare


The yellow colour increases contrast and gives relaxed vision

Individual prescription

Your own prescription can be integrated in the E-Scoop® lenses

E-scoop illustratie werking

Schematic representation of the working of E-Scoop® in the eye

Easy to test

Aanmeten E-Scoop voor Macula Degeneratie
E-Scoop® improves vision. More than 15.000 people have already benefited! With the help of the trial kit, your optician/optometrist can easily test if the E-Scoop® results are an expected improvement for you.

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