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E-Scoop®is an advanced lens that has been developed especially for people with Macular Degeneration. In many cases, E-Scoop® improves vision. E-Scoop® lenses can be ordered in almost every prescription and can be fitted in regular, full rimmed frames.

What does E-Scoop® mean for your client?

Improved visual acuity

E-Scoop®lenses enhance central vision, allowing your customer to perceive more detail and enlarge their independency. Faces can be recognized more often.


With E-Scoop® lenses, more contours including sidewalks can be recognized, making the journey outside safer.

Relaxed vision

E-Scoop® lenses give a restfull image and viewing will be more relaxed. The sensitivity to light decreases by wearing E-Scoop®.

Easy to use: you can wear E-Scoop® the whole day

E-Scoop® lenses can be produced in almost every prescription and fitted in a regular, full rimmed frame. Your client will get used to the lenses directly and can wear E-Scoop® the whole day, both outdoors and indoors.

E-Scoop® makes one less dependent

With the use of E-Scoop® lenses, self-reliance increases and people are less dependent of others.

Easy to fit

E-Scoop® improves vision. With the help of the trial kit, the optician/ optometrist can easily try if E-Scoop® results in the expected improvement.
The patented E-Scoop® lens is scientifically tested.Around 15.000 people already benefited from E-Scoop®.

Thanks to E-Scoop® my sight has improved and I can recognize faces again.

Anneke de Jong



E-Scoop® lenses are built on 5 basic optical characteristics:


E-Scoop® lenses give a slight magnification for distance. This results in better vision without distorting the image. Due to a special grinding technique, the lenses are slightly more curved for a comfortable visual experience.


The prismatic effect of the lenses causes the light to reflect to a different part of the macula, the area of higher quality.

Medical Filter

A specially developed medical filter absorbs the UV light and the blue light both, so contrast increases. The natural colour remains visible.


The anti-reflective coating helps to reduce glare.


E-Scoop® lenses can be ordered in almost every prescription.

E-scoop illustration working principles

Schematic representation of the
working of E-Scoop® in the eye


Rest VA 1/20 – 7/10
Vision Binoculair – Monoculair
Magnification 3 – 7%
Prism Type I 4 90⁰ – Type II 6 90⁰ – Type III 8 90⁰
Lenstype CR 39 Index 1.5
Coating HMC Multicoat
Colour Medical blue filter, contrast increasing



  1. Start with a normal eye exam and put the best correction in a trial frame or use the clients own frame if this prescription is correct.
  2. Ask your client to look around and put E-Scoop® 1 in front of their prescription. Do you see the Wow-effect? Then you are correct and you can try type 2 and eventually type 3. When there is no difference between 2 types, choose the lowest prism value.
  3. The choice of type can be expanded with a reading part incorporated in the lenses. This is only possible for type 1* and 2*.
  4. Choose a suitable frame. Measure PD’s and viewing height, just like you do with other glasses and find the correct diameter of the lens. You can easily send the order form by email or order online and grind the lenses yourself or ship the frame to us for grinding the lenses into the frame.

Fitting of  E-Scoop for Macula Degeneration

*E-Scoop® is normally fitted with single vision lenses. Bifocals and progressive lenses are also available with regular additions up to 3,5 Diopters and are used for recognizing things near, like what meal is on the plate. Reading is in most cases not possible with E-Scoop®.

Scheme Macula Degeneration



How does E-Scoop® work?

E-Scoop® is a patented lens, which is built on 5 optical characteristics. The yellow colour, prism, magnification through curve and thickness and the coating. The yellow colour ensures enhanced contrast, the prismatic effect shifts the image to a better part of the macula; thickness and curve give a low magnification for distance and the coating reduces glare.

Which customers are prospects for E-Scoop®?

E-Scoop® is primary developed for people with macular degeneration. In every stage of macular degeneration E-Scoop® can be useful. Even when the disease progresses the effect of E-Scoop® will still be noticeable.

Why is the prism base standard at 90⁰?

The prism is based at 90⁰, because research shows that the main damage of macular degeneration is generally based at the inferior part of the macula. With E-Scoop® the image is shifted upwards to a better (healthier) part of the macula.

The prism in E-Scoop® shifts the image both eyes the same: is this eccentric viewing?

E-Scoop® are not eccentric viewing spectacle. E-Scoop® remains in the macular area. Most of the time, people will look automatically for the best quality of image. By using E-Scoop® the image will be projected to the healthiest macular area which will facilitate restful viewing.

In which frames can E-Scoop® be fitted?

E-Scoop® can be fitted in almost every regular full rimmed frame. Rimless and nylor frames are not suitable because of the index 1.5 and the difference in thickness between upper and lower part of the lens. Angular frames, flat upperlines, double rim give an extra challenge for E-Scoop®, because the lens sticks out at the back as well as at the front of the frame. Best results are achieved with oval frames which are slightly curved.

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